Tamiya Boomerang Kit

As another one in a long line of Tamiya reissues, the Tamiya Boomerang definitely deserves the new leash on life.  Like the original Hotshot-based model, the revived buggy is a kit, albeit featuring enhancements that make it both easier to [...]


Z-Car USA ZMXT–8 Makes Getting Into Truggy Racing Easier

Z-Car USA’s entry into the tough-as-nails world of truggy racing came in the form of the ZMXT-8,  a vehicle released with the sole purpose of “winning races.”   A 1/8th scale competition-ready truggy, it’s designed to give even regular backyard bashers [...]


Traxxas Summit RTR Is One Mean Looking Fun Loving Monster Truck

Massive in frame and  beautifully laid out, the Traxxas Summit RTR storms in as one of the meanest (if not the absolutely scariest) monster truck currently available out there.   An industry-first, it comes equipped with remote-locking differentials that let you [...]


Losi 8IGHT-T 2.0 Brings Excellent Jumps, Uncanny Balance

Need a truggy that can run over all surfaces without compromising speed or performance?  That’s exactly what the Losi 8ight-T 2.0 brings to the table – an off-roader that’s been tuned to perform like a high-speed truggy should. Sure, the [...]


Losi Muggy 4WD RTR

Geared towards an excellent monster trucking experience (despite some obvious truggy characteristics), Losi’s Muggy 4WD brings up-to-date innovations and excellent engineering talents to the table.  With a unique design and a capable set of features, it’s a scary-looking performer that [...]