Nitro Cars


Duratrax Nitro Camaro ZL1

Right in time for summer, Duratrax has released a brand new on-road racer that’s perfect for racing around the neighborhood and reliving your youthful glory days. Called the Duratrax Nitro Camaro ZL1, it brings the same sporty looks and heavy [...]


Duratrax Nitro Nissan GT-R

We don’t know if the Duratrax Nitro Nissan GT-R can live up to the real Godzilla car’s supercar performance (think 0 to 60 in barely three seconds). Regardless, many of us have probably dreamt of driving a GT-R and you [...]


Mammuth Rewarron Is A Supersized Racer

While there’s no category at the local tracks where you can race this bad boy in, we doubt any red-blooded RC fan can resist owning a Mammuth Rewarron. You may not be able to race, but you’ll definitely steal all [...]


Kyosho Inferno GT2 Race Spec Coming In March

Kyosho recently announced a race spec upgrade to one of their most exciting on-road cars.  The new Kyosho Inferno GT2 Race Spec boasts a laundry list of improvements that should make it an attractive option for 1/8-scale racing fans. Sporting [...]


Serpent 733 Team Edition

Serpent has announced a new racer that they claim “sets new standards in 1/10-scale race chassis design.” The vehicle is the Serpent 733 Team Edition, it gets many practical updates, stemming from real-world use by the team and factory drivers. [...]


2011 Serpent 733 Evo Coming End Of The Month

On-road nitro may not be the biggest category in today’s RC landscape, due to the often restrictive pricing and surface conditions it requires. Regardless, well-built speed freak nitro racers continue to be some of the most amazing miniature driving machines [...]


RC Racing Tips For Beginners

Looking to take your RC down the tracks for the first time? No need to mince words, you’ll probably lose. Just because your chances of winning are slim doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best, right? After all, giving it [...]


2010 Schumacher Fusion 28 Turbo Now Available, Boasts 80+ Mph

Schumacher just announced an update to one of the fastest cars in their roster. Boasting blistering speeds, the new Schumacher 2010 Nitro Fusion 28 Turbo is officially one of the most insanely neck-breaking RC models in the planet. How fast [...]


How To Break-In Your Nitro Engine

You’ve got a new nitro engine. Learning how to break it in the right way is the shortest course to guaranteeing long-lasting performance, with the least amount of upkeep necessary. Failing to do so won’t exactly get you with a [...]


RC Troubleshooting 101: My RC Won’t Run

Your RC won’t start, has come to a sudden halt or runs like it just woke up from 100 years of slumber. Don’t panic. Most of the time, it’s actually just a little snag that won’t require an engineering degree [...]