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Monster trucks are a huge part of the RC scene for good reason: it's never not fun to conquer rough terrains, crush other people's cars, and, pretty much, destroy everything you run over. And that's the same spirit powering the new Traxxas Brushed Stampede 4x4.

Billed as a truck that "just doesn't know when to quit," it's built to withstand any monster truck mayhem challenge you throw its way. About as indestructible as RCs ca get, you can drive it anywhere, smash it into anything, and it's still going to stand tall at end of the day.

The Traxxas Brushed Stampede 4x4 is built on the long-proven shaft-driven 4WD system and modular design of the popular Slash 4x4. That means, it's not just aggressive in looks -- it's as unrelenting a performer, too. In fact, Traxxas claims it handles like a racing machine, likely much more so than any monster truck that came before it. With super high ground clearance, fiber-composite chassis, long-arm suspension, Chrome All-Star 2.8-inch wheels, and Chevron Maxx, its a lock to drive over anything, especially with a Titan 550 12-Turn motor and XL-5 ESC providing power under the hood. It's all waterproof, too, so you water crossings, muddy terrain, and even icy backyards are no match for this beast.

The best part? It ships fully-assembled and ready to race, complete with a TQ 2.4GHz radio system and ProGraphix painted body graphics. It's available now from your favorite RC shops, priced at $520.



Length: 15.63 Inches (397mm)
Front Track: 13.39 Inches (340mm)
Rear Track: 13.39 Inches (340mm)
Center Ground Clearance: 2.95  Inches (75mm)
Weight: 90.46oz (2.57kg)
Height (overall): 8.94 Inches (227mm)
Wheelbase: 10.83 Inches (275mm)

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Looking for a slightly better RTR version of Team Associated's popular 2WD SC10RS? No need to wait long with the Team Associated SC10RS RTR with Lucas Slick Mist Body.

Based on the short-course truck raced by Robby Woods in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, it comes fully-assembled and painted, with detailed decals throughout the body. This new shell is, of course, built on top of the 2010, 2011, and 2012 ROAR National Champion short-course truck, making for one sweet ride to bring to the tracks.

The Team Associated SC10RS RTR gets some major upgrades from previous RTR versions of the SC10RS. The most notable of these include: a Reedy 3300kV Brushless Motor, a water-resistant enclosed receiver box, a water-resistant high-power XP Brushless Speed Control, heavy-duty sealed gear differential and adjustable V2 slipper clutch, adjustable blue anodized aluminum V2 coil-over shocks to beef up the suspension, and KMC replica hex-drive wheels with high-traction racing compound tires. Other features include realistic front and rear bumpers with AE logo rear mud flaps, molded composite chassis, rugged steel turnbuckles, front and rear body mounts, and a fully-adjustable suspension geometry. It is, of course, compatible with many Factory Team and Reedy option parts already in the market for short-course racers, so you're in no shortage of hop-up options.

Available this August, the Team Associated SC10RS RTR with Lucas Slick Mist Body will retail for $299.97. Special note: batteries and charger needed to start driving.

[Team Associated]


Scale: 1:10
Power: Electric
Length: 550mm
Width: 293mm
Weight: 2080g
Wheelbase: 327mm
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.6:1
Drive: 2WD

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Everybody loves short course racers and we can't blame them. Those trucks are awesome. Guaranteed to find a spot on my current wish list is this officially-licensed Tuff Country Losi XXX-SCT.

Modeled after Aaron Daughtery's vehicle in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, it comes with a beautifully detailed body that makes it a veritable miniature clone of the Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports team's Tuff Country ride. Paired with Losi's hugely successful XXX-SCT platform, this makes for one desirable racer to hit your favorite dirt tracks with.


The Losi RTR XXX-SCT Tuff Country is a 1/10-scale vehicle that, literally, comes with everything you need to drive it out of the box (even batteries are thrown in). It's powered by a Dynamite Tazer 3300Kv four-pole brushless motor (which Losi bills as being "exceedingly fast"), paired with a waterproof Dynamite Tazer 45 Amp Fuze ESC and a 313WP high-torque servo. Details include a ROAR-legal composite chassis, a three-gear rear transmission, aluminum shocks, adjustable twin disk slipper clutch, high-torque steering servo, off-road beadlock-style wheels with yellow beadlock rims, short course truck bumpers with mud flaps, and adjustable turnbuckles. It comes with a Spektrum DX2L radio system, which features extended range and a throttle-limiting switch.

MSRP for the Losi RTR XXX-SCT Tuff Country is set at $329.99.

[Horizon Hobby]


Length: 550mm (19.69 in)
Width: 290mm (11.42 in)
Wheelbase: 336mm (13.23 in)
Height: 190mm (7.48 in)
Weight: 2.04 kg (4.7 lb)
Body: Custom licensed Tuff Country replica livery
Ball Bearings: Complete
Battery: Dynamite Speedpack Silver 3000mAh 7.4V 2S LiPo included
Charger: Dynamite 10W LiPo AC Balance Charger included

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Remember the Tamiya TXT-1 from over a decade ago? If you loved that wicked beast of a monster truck, then we doubt you'll feel any differently for its sequel: the Tamiya TXT-2 Agrios.

Billed as a 4x4x4 monster truck, the 1/10-scale vehicle boasts not just four-wheel drive, but also four-wheel steering. You will need to add a second servo controlling the rear axle to enable that (doesn't come in the original box), but we doubt it's something you'll want to pass up doing.

The Tamiya TXT-2 Agrios features a polycarbonate stadium truck body that's mounted on a newly-designed chassis constructed from both tough plastic and aluminum. Since monster trucks need monster power, it runs on two 540-type brushless motors, allowing it to crush every scale car in sight. Features include a centrally-positioned gearbox, a resin-covered aluminum shaft side frames, shielded ball bearings, resin upper frame, and special front and rear axle cases with 3-bevel differential gears and a two-level transmission.

Named after the mythical Greek giant Agrios, the vehicle should handle itself well over any terrain, ably overcoming every obstacle in its path. Do note this ships as a kit, so you're likely to have a gargantuan workload putting this together.

You can get the Tamiya TXT-2 in stores now, priced at $729.


Scale: 1/10 scale
Construction type: assembly kit
Terrain use: multi-purpose
Drive-train: 4WD
Drive type: gearbox
Drive line: solid axle
Differential type: gear
Suspension: 4-link
Steering mechanism: direct servo


Team Durango has announced a new 1/8-scale truggy. Called the Team Durango DEX408T, it's a large-scale offroad racer that's built to withstand "the very highest level of 8th scale competition."

Sold as a kit, it's an electric version of Team Durango's nitro-powered buggy platform. Don't mistake it for a mere conversion, though. Instead, the truggy is reengineered as an electric racer from the ground up, ensuring it brings quality performance and durability unique to its powertrain, all while being compatible with 95 percent of the kit parts from its nitro-powered DEX408 brethren. That's right, you can quickly outfit your truggy with upgraded performance parts as soon as you can get it up and running.

The Team Durango DEX408T Truggy brings a laundry list of premium features. Specs include a specially-designed 6061-T6 aluminum chassis plate, machined alloy suspension hangers, machined aluminum bulk heads, 15mm Big Bore shocks, aluminum shock caps, and a hub/steering assembly that's fully ball-raced. To save on weight to the rotational mass, it uses composite cross shafts and inserts, while the composite spur gear boasts reduced wear rate and improved acceleration.

No word yet on exact release date or pricing, but the Team Durango DEX408T Truggy is expected to be in stores soon.

[Team Durango]

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Looking for a new stadium truck with enough punch to give you a competitive edge, but don't really fancy building a new one from a kit? You might want to wait for the Team Associated T4.2RS, a new ready-to-run vehicle based on the world-class RC10T4 that's been previously available strictly as a Factory Team kit.

Shipped fully assembled, painted and decaled, the electric 2WD truck is based completely on Team Associated's 8-time ROAR National Champion. As such, the 1/10-scale stadium truck shares many of the same parts, along with a few upgraded features to get you running neck and neck with the best in the tracks.


The Team Associated T4.2RS RTR runs on a Reedy 3300kV brushless motor, paired with an XP SC500-BL brushless electronic speed control and an XP 2.4 GHz 2-channel radio system. Details include an Interceptor-T polycarbonate body, a molded composite chassis, heavy-duty sealed gear differential with an adjustable clutch, blue anodized aluminum V2 coil-over shocks, white hex drive wheels, high-traction compound tires, and rugged steel turnbuckles. Of course, the vehicle can be upgraded as your skills improve with the existing line of hop-ups available for the race-winning RC10T4.

We can't find an exact availability date for the Team Associated T4.2RS, but it should retail soon, priced at $259.98 from the Team Associated website.

[Team Associated]


Power Source: Electric
Terrain: Off-Road
Body Style: Truck
Scale Size: 1:10 Scale
Length: 390mm (15.35in)
Width: 316mm (12.44in)
Wheelbase: 288mm (11.34in)
Weight: 1756g (3.87lbs)
Drive: 2WD

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Team Associated is releasing a good load of new vehicles under their novice-friendly Qualifier Series set. One of my favorites in the new line is the Qualifier Series Rival Mini Monster Truck.

While it's far from a menacing monster at 1/18-scale, the truck does look beastly next to similarly-scaled rides, especially with those chunky monster truck tires. Line up a few 1/18-scale cars in front of this thing and it will just be like destroying a fleet of sedans in a monster truck derby.


The Qualifier Series Rival Mini Monster Truck comes in RTR form, with a factory-finished body and all parts shipped pre-assembled. Details include a Super 370 electric motor, an XPS micro electronic speed controller, XP 2.4GHz radio system with XP micro servo, symmetrical lower suspension arms, and full-precision ball bearings. Designed for offroad terrain, the 4WD truck features four fluid-filled adjustable coilover shocks for managing the suspension. To ensure novices can get up and running as soon as they crack the box open, battery pack and charger are both included. Like other vehicles in the Qualifier Series line, it's compatible with other 1/18-scale performance parts and accessories from Team Associated, so you won't have a shortage of upgrade options.

No MSRP is available, but the Qualifier Series Rival Mini Monster Truck should hit stores in June.

[Team Associated]
Scale: 1:18
Power: Electric
Length: 225mm
Width: 188mm
Weight: 605g
Wheelbase: 154mm
Drive: 4WD

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Kyosho has announced availability of a new 1:10-scale monster truck. Called the Kyosho DMT VE-R, it combines the offroad talents of a big-tire vehicle with the handling and control of a beefy racing machine.

Armed with full time 4WD, long span arms and double wishbone suspension, it boasts precision surface tracing and superb handling, regardless of whether you're riding over paved, gravel or rough road surfaces. Kyosho claims it brings driving mechanics "never before realized in a monster truck." Given that we've tried some really good monster RCs in our time, that certainly sounds like something to be excited for.


Core specs of the Kyosho DMT VE-R 4WD Monster Truck include a 4-pole sensorless Orion brushless motor, a Vortex R10 ESC, and 3S-compatible battery slots, allowing it to push the pace at up to 60 mph and perform wheelies right out of the box. Details include double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension, interchangeable suspension arms, big bore shocks, low center of gravity, an aluminum motor mount, and high grip tires.

It features multi-point setting adjustments for flexible operation, allowing you to revise chassis height, camber, track width, front and rear toe-ins, and more. It's sold as a "readyset" and comes fully assembled, complete with a prepainted body and all components thrown in (just add batteries to get it up and running).

While the 1:10 scale and mid-size profile doesn't make it a beastly monster that can run over your lot of short course racers, the Kyosho DMT VE-R 4WD sure is quite the chunky vehicle. It's available now, priced at $379.95.

[Kyosho America]

Size: 1/10th
Length: 485mm (19in)
Width: 385mm (15.1in)
Height: 212mm (8.3in)
Wheelbase: 320mm (12.5in)
Gear Ration: 16.34:1
Weight: 2,780g
Motor: KV2400 Vortex 10 Brushless
Battery: 7.2 – 8.4volt NiMH or 7.4 – 11.1volt LiPO Battery Type with Deans Plug
ESC: Vortex R10 Sport

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You've been into this RC thing long enough that you can build, pretty much, any ride you want from the ground up. If you're into Jeep's rugged off-roaders, you'll find plenty to love in the Axial Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Kit, which lets you build a scale version of one of the most iconic SUVs ever made.

Being an off-roader, a beefy suspension is a must-have. To ensure that, Axial partnered up with Icon Vehicle Dynamics to create a custom set of aluminum shocks for guaranteed performance and reliability. How good are the shocks? According to the product page, they feature precision-machined pistons for smoother performance, tight tolerances, consistent reactions, and a threaded main body for quick ride height adjustments. They're also rebuildable and tunable for your specific riding needs.


The Axial Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Kit comes with an officially-licensed Jeep body that's clad in clear polycarbonate, along with a stock set of plastic accessories and decals. It features Maxxis Trepador tires, Walker Evans Racing wheels, Poison Spyder Rock Brawler bumpers, Poison Spyder Crusher Flares, and threaded aluminum steering and suspension links.
If you love the building process, you'll love the amount of custom work you can do with this. You can decide on paint scheme, shock oil weight, spring rate, and link setup, among all the rest of the hop-ups you can throw in. It comes with no electronics, of course, so you'll have to pair it up with your choice in motor/servo/radio system combo.

Want one? The Axial Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon is available now, priced at $329.99.

Width:9" (229mm)
Length21.25" (540mm)
Height:9" (229mm)
Wheelbase:12.3" (313mm)
Ground Clearance:2.7" (68mm)
Weight (no electronics)3.4lbs (1.54kg)

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Team Losi has announced a new short course truck -- it's the kit they've been teasing the past few weeks. The vehicle is the Team Losi 22SCT, a 1/10-scale short course truck designed from the ground up to be a serious competition racer.

Based on the ROAR National Champion 22 Buggy, the vehicle is being billed as one of the most innovative and durable racers to ever enter the category. While time will prove that to be true or false, there's no denying the specs sheet sounds like they really dropped a load of some serious power its way.


Looking to make a serious dent in the 1/10-scale short course world, the Team Losi 22SCT Kit borrows heavily from the field-tested elements found in TLR's championship-winning 22 platform, leading to one of the most unique short course racers currently in the market. Most notable are the flexible motor placement (either rear- or mid-mounting is accommodated), multiple spur gears and two full sets of tires (8 wheels total), allowing drivers to tune their vehicles for best performance, regardless of track style and surface.

It features all metric hardware for easier maintenance, along with a laundry list of high-end components. Details include a 2.5mm hard-anodized aluminum chassis, full ball bearings (including steering), heavy duty 4mm turnbuckles, dish inserts for the wheels, slide rack steering, an optimized suspension package, gullwing-style front arms, maximum front nose clearance, molded gear cover, steel drive shafts and more.

No word yet on release date or pricing for the Team Losi 22SCT Kit, but the car has reportedly debuted at events for demonstration during the last week. Expect this to be a big seller.

[Losi Racing]


Type: 2wd SCT Truck
Scale: 1/10
Length: 21.65 in. (500mm)
Width: 12.99 in. (330mm)
Height: 5.63 in. (143mm)
Wheelbase: 11.3-11.41 in. (286-290mm)
Weight: 66 oz. (1870g)
Chassis: Aluminum
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
Kit/RTR: Kit

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Looking for a hot new short-course truck to join your roster of tiny off-road racers? You might want to set your sights on the Atomik RC 1/18 Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha Ford Raptor 150, an officially-licensed recreation of “The General’s“ Lucas Oil Championship truck.

The minuscule short course truck sports a fully-licensed Ford Raptor body decked in Brian Deegan's Metal Mulisha graphics. Everything is preloaded and preinstalled -- just open the box and let it rip.


The Atomik RC 1/18 Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha Ford Raptor 150 is powered by a beefy V370 brushed motor that’s paired with a fully-waterproof ESC/receiver combo and a Venom 7.2V 1000 mAh battery. Details include oil-filled adjustable shocks, scaled-down standard SC wheel and tire set, and full-time 4-wheel drive. It also comes with a full line of available hop-ups for customizing both the ride's look and performance.

While 1/18-scale may not be the most popular short course truck size, there's enough power and performance in here to really warrant interest, especially for those seeking a break from the usual 1/10 grind. The The Atomik RC 1/18 Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha Ford Raptor 150 will hit stores late August, priced at $129.99.


Scale: 1/18th
Length: 10.71 in (272 mm)
Width: 6.61 in (168 mm)
Height: 4.09 in (104 mm)
Weight: 21.1 oz (598 g)
Motor or Engine: 370 Brushed Motor
Batteries: 7.2V 1000mAh NiMH Battery
Charger: NiMH Wall Charger
Radio: 2 Channel 2.4GHz with 2:1 Receiver/ESC

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Want to drive the biggest ready-to-run brushless truck available in the market? Look no further than the HPI Super 5SC Flux, a beastly truck that combines elements from both the HPI Savage and the HPI Baja 5SC.

Sporting a similar drivetrain configuration as the Savage, the vehicle brings the same durable and performance-heavy core that made it a favorite among monster truck fans. It uses the same body as the Baja S5C, with a different pre-applied paint job and decal styling.

All the exterior parts -- bumpers, wheels, tires -- are compatible with the Baja 5SC, which makes it easy to mistake the vehicle for that model. Unlike the Baja, though, the HPI Super 5SC doesn't burn fuel, opting for a Flux Tork 2200KV motor paired with a Blur ESC. The switch from fuel to batteries doesn't automatically mean a serious speed downgrade, as the Super S5C is also considerably lighter, making the brushless drivetrain a better match.

Other features include TF-40 2.4GHz radio system, twin 3S LiPo battery support (yep, 6S LiPo power!), sway bars both front and rear, skid plates on the bottom chassis, and all-metal drivetrain. It can be upgraded with body parts from the Baja S5C, as well as with drivetrain and suspension options from the Savage Flux S5C.

No pricing has been announced yet, but the HP Super S5C should be available in the next couple of months.


WIDTH: 440mm
HEIGHT: 320mm


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