Tekno RC NT48 Nitro 4WD

Tekno RC’s NB48 surprised a lot of people when it hit the tracks, showing off impressive performance that puts it on par with the gnarliest nitro buggies around. Now that the company has made its serious intentions know, we doubt [...]


Schumacher CAT K1 Aero 4WD

We’re big fans of Schumacher’s fleet of Competition All Terrain (CAT) vehicles. Like the rest of the line, the Schumacher CAT K1 Aero 4WD pairs ultra-modern design with the same performance components that have propelled the line’s race-winning ways. The [...]


Traxxas Brushed Stampede 4×4

Monster trucks are a huge part of the RC scene for good reason: it’s never not fun to conquer rough terrains, crush other people’s cars, and, pretty much, destroy everything you run over. And that’s the same spirit powering the [...]

OFNA RTR Hyper SS Cage Buggy

Tired of the self-same appearance every buggy racing at your local tracks look like? Well, the OFNA RTR Hyper SS Cage Buggy isn’t necessarily prettier (it’s like a Terminator buggy of sorts), but it sure looks different enough. Using the [...]

XRAY 2014 XB4

XRAY has announced a brand new 1/10-scale offroad buggy. Called the XRAY 2014 XB4, the 4WD racer boasts an all-new chassis frame on top of a laundry list of freshly-designed and highly-reinforced components. Made from composite material, the new chassis [...]

Team Durango DEX408v2

On the hunt for a serious off-road buggy to compete with the big boys during weekend races at the tracks? Maybe you’d want to take a look at the Team Durango DEX308v2, which the outfit claims takes electric-powered competition to [...]


Losi RTR 1/10 4WD TEN Rally-X

Sure, the bigger the RC, the more realistic the racing feels. That doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your speed thrills with more compact rides. We’re guessing that’s certainly the case with the Losi 4WD TEN Rally-X. Based on the track-proven [...]


Schumacher Cougar KR Buggy

Need a badass-looking, high-performance buggy that can burn the dirt during weekend races? Look no further than the Schumacher Cougar KR Buggy. Based from the multiple race-winning Cougar range of cars, the 2WD racing buggy is designed from the ground [...]


Losi RTR Mini 8IGHT Limited Edition Drake & Phend

Smaller-scale cars, while not as exciting as their mid-size counterparts, remain loads of fun to play with. And we’re guessing loads of fun is exactly what you’re going to get out of this Losi RTR Mini 8IGHT Limited Edition Drake [...]


Team Associated SC10RS RTR Lucas Slick Mist

Looking for a slightly better RTR version of Team Associated’s popular 2WD SC10RS? No need to wait long with the Team Associated SC10RS RTR with Lucas Slick Mist Body. Based on the short-course truck raced by Robby Woods in the [...]


HPI Racing Ken Block GRC Micro RS4

If you were a fan of RCs in the early 2000s, you’ve probably ran across the Micro RS4, a small-profile car with a full-time 4WD that became a huge hit across homes during the time. Ten years later and it’s [...]